The Hydroponics Gardening Method – What Is It?

Hydroponics is a method of growing terrestrial plants without the use of soil. Using water, nutrients, and a light source, plants can be grown in a mineral nutrient solution. Scientists have found that plants obtain nutrients by absorbing them from the soil, but the soil itself is not necessary for plant growth or survival. However, there are many methods of hydroponics gardening. Plants can be placed directly into a mineral rich water solution, or into an inert growing medium. Some growing mediums include: oasis cubes, coconut fiber, rockwool, gravel, saw dust, and lava rock.

We live in a changing world. Food shortage is a reality for many poorer countries that struggle with unpredictable weather, civil conflict, corrupt or inefficient governments, or lack of resources. Traditional farming methods may no longer be a viable option for these countries. Other reasons that the hydroponics growing method is becoming a global viable food production source are the following reasons:

– Seasonal crops can be grown year round
– Water can be continually reused, since it stays within the system
– No nutrition pollution is released into the environment
– Pests and diseases are easily eradicated
– Higher yields are possible
– Crops can be grown in regions where this would not be possible, such as Antarctica or desert regions

The hydroponics method can also be used in small spaces. Grow tents are a great option for small harvests, and for those who have limited space, inside or outside, their homes. Some made of Mylar and plastic, and built around a metal frame, grow tents are an encapsulated space that must be equipped with everything necessary to cultivate vegetation, such as ventilation, water, lighting, and CO2 systems. Grow tents are carefully controlled environments that allow plants maximum yield, as all these various systems can be easily monitored, and nutrients are easily supplied to the plant. hydroponics wholesaler

Hydroponics is currently being used by many industries as well. Since growing marijuana is illegal in the United States, many illicit growers use grow tents since they allow a clandestine means of harvesting their crop. NASA is exploring the possibility of using the hydroponics method to produce plants during space travel, and on planets such as Mars.

There are many reasons for growers, hobbyists, horticulturists, and organic foods consumers may be drawn to using the hydroponics growing method. Using a grow tent inside one’s home may seem artificial or unnatural, however, the plants use minerals found in nature- but more refined and easily absorbed. Water is not wasted, as the hydroponics method uses 70-90% less water than conventional gardening. There is no possibility of runoff into lakes, streams, or rivers. All organic supplements and fertilizers can also be used. Used worldwide in areas that cannot grow vegetation, or certain crops, hydroponics is a widespread method for many different types of growers.

Hydroponics can also be organic. There are many fertilizers, nutrients, and supplements on the market today that do not contain synthetic additives. There are fertilizers that use fungi and bacteria to increase plant health, and to help the plant absorb nutrients through its roots. If you are using a grow tent, you can limit the use of harmful pesticides. The only drawback of using the hydroponics method is the immediate eyebrow raising response that is elicited from those who know you are gardening using this taboo growing method.

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